mcrain tube a1

mcrain tube a1


the entire surface is suited as advertising space. already from low minimum quantities onwards, it may be decorated with text or motifs laser engraving of the tube is already possible from one piece onwards, e.g. for individual names.

the umbrella panels can also be printed with a standard screen print technique.

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screen printing

the popular printing method even for small runs.

the standard screen print provides enough space for your individual design. this is the optimum printing method for one- to four-color imprints of your logo or lettering and possibly a claim on the tube, in its standard colors.

our experienced screen printers put your advertising in the spotlight, whether monochrome or color. the upper and lower edges of the tube remain blank in this procedure, thus it is not suitable for all-over prints.

imprint area: 137 x 173 mm

minimum order quantity: 60 pieces


laser engraving

it may be a bit more?

since the tube is anodized in different colors, the laser engraving beautifully reveals its silver base color. certainly the premium way to place your message on the tube a1.

we are happy to advise you personally to the possibility of laser engraving adorning the entire surface of the tube a1. the price is calculated based on categories depending on the size of your design.

imprint area: 142 x 183 mm

minimum order quantity: 30 pieces


print on umbrella panels

as with all umbrellas, also the canopy of the tube a1 may be printed. for smaller quantities we recommend imprints on a limited space on one ore more segments.

however, consider this: the advertising is only visible when the umbrella is open. what makes our tube a1 so special is that your promotion is always in plain sight – with all weathers!

imprint area: 250 x 150 x 150 mm

minimum order quantity: 30 pieces